About DAA

The directorate of Academic Audit of JNTUK headed by the Director. It looks after the works related to Academic Audit of the entire University and Constituent/Affiliation Colleges.

Further, the Directorate is continuously monitoring the functioning of academic Programs in 240 private colleges affiliated to JNTUK by conduct periodical/surprise inspections throughout the year.

Government web portal is being maintained for all the constituent and affiliated Colleges for the grant of online affiliation, student fee, scholarship and recording of biometric attendance of students in the respective colleges as per the academic calendars given by the University.

Meetings are also organized with the Managements/Principals of the affiliated colleges, wherever necessary, for the above purpose.

  • 1. Issue of Circular calling proposals for ratification of Principal/Faculty of affiliated Colleges.
  • 2. Announcing schedule for Ratification
  • 3. Conducting ratification interviews of Principal/Faculty members of Affiliated Colleges as per requirement.
  • 4. Issue of ratification orders to the concerned

The other academic works like issue of NOC/Clearance certificates for various purpose. Permission letters for establishing college attached Hostels, issue of DSIR certificates to affiliated colleges are also attended by the Academic Audit Directorate.

A Statistical Cell is established on the direction of the government of Andhra Pradesh to look after the Statistical operations of academic Programs including students and faculty of JNTUK Kakinada, which is playing key role in acquiring/imparting statistical Data.

It also processes the clearance of the purchase of equipment/ furniture/ syllabi books and other stationery requirements of various constituent colleges and units of JNTUH by conducting university purchase committee meetings.

Vision & Mission :

  • Conduct of meetings for University Committee for Perspective Planning – to take the decision for development of the Constituent Colleges/Units of the University.
  • Conduct of University Purchase Committee – to finalize the decision to purchase the Equipment for Constituent Colleges/Units of the University.
  • Permission to start new Courses/Centers/ Colleges.
  • Forwarding the proposals of Affiliated Colleges to the UGC for granting the 2(f) & 12(B) Status and Autonomous Status.
  • Attend Graveness/ RTIs for staff and students of affiliated colleges.
  • Monitoring to the Colleges in every year by conducting FFC inspections.
  • Provide online application facility through DAA web portal.
  • Provide skill development courses to Affiliated / Constituent college’s students towards improvement of skills to students.
  • Ratification conducting in every year towards strengthen the faculty of Affiliated colleges.